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We create new online games from old ideas

We all love playing. While there are new ideas for excellent games every day, we put the classics into new, exciting online versions. With Winning Bunch we revive the most popular games online and with VR.

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All our team members have one great passion: playing.

Therefore, each of us can honestly say that he has made his hobby his profession.

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What gamers say…

I love the games from Winning Bunch.As soon as a new game comes out, my Netflix account goes on standby.

– Ben Summersby

I have enjoyed playing baccarat with my mother since I was a kid. With “Baccarat Reinvented” I can relive the good old days online.

– Eva Dellwiger


“Storm of the slots” is my absolute favorite game. Whenever I find a little time, I play it to distract myself from everyday life.

– Mary McFarlow


I love all the games in the Tycoon series, but my absolute favorite is “Casino Tycoon”. Very funny made and guaranteed long lasting fun.

– Michael Kesler

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